Previews in Gatsby for new content

I'm having some issues previewing new content. The preview bar will show up, but if the field doesn't currently have content published it won't show the edits to that field in the preview. Any idea on how to get this to work?

The specific instance where this is happening is with a slice on a document. If the published doc doesn't have the slice, it won't show up in preview.

Hi Tim,

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If I understand correctly, you have a document that doesn't have any content, and you want the preview to show even if there is no content, or the document has content, but the Slice zone doesn't, and the preview doesn't appear?

Can we have some clarification on the issue? It would also be helpful if you can share with us the name of the repository that you are using (in a private message if necessary).

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Thats right Fares, the page on the live site currently doesn't have any content added in the slice zone, but when trying to preview content from that slice zone it doesn't show up. I've DM'd you with the repo and specific details

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Hi Tim,

I have taken a look at your repository, and there seems no issue. It seems that the only way to reproduce this issue is to have the code of your website shared so that I will be able to debug the issue.

This preview issue depends on what Gatsby-Prismic plugin you are using, knowing that Prismic doesn't support gatsby-source-prismic-graphql anymore.

Looking forward to your reply.

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