Prismic Metadata Issue: Working on Localhost and Staging but Not in Production


I'm facing an issue while developing a blog with Prismic on a Next.js application. I noticed that the metadata on all articles works perfectly on localhost and even on my staging website version. However, in production, the metadata does not appear.

Here are examples:

I have ensured that the production site uses the exact same code as the staging site.

Do you have any idea why this is happening? The website is hosted on Vercel and runs on Next 14.1.2.

Hi Rodolphe,

Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this sounds like a Next.js issue so you'll probably get a faster resolution on their community :slight_smile:


The issue was resolve following the 'Set up on-demand revalidation in Prismic' on this page:

The error was 'Error: Ref not found. Ensure you have the correct ref and try again. Master ref is: xxxxx