@prismicio/helpers asHTML function returns string - PrismicRichText component doesnt display lists

Hi there,

Im currently trying to render some RichText in my Next JS App like so:

const richDescription = prismicH.asHTML(description)

the description is being passed from a parent component. However when I try to display the richText like so:


I simply receive a string of html tags with the content inside

is there any way to decode this? I have also tried using the PrismicRichText Component from '@prismicio/react' <PrismicRichText field={description} /> but which mostly works but will not display my unordered lists.
Any help would be very much appreciated!

Hi Raheim,

Thanks for posting.

As you describe, using <PrismicRichText> should output all of your elements correctly. Can you show a screenshot of the output?

It would also help if you can run console.log(description) and copy-paste the output, and include a screenshot of the output of prismicH.asHTML(description).