PrismicNextImage blurDataURL utilities or metadata

Hi there,

I've found the 2 issues below, which were unresolved as a tracked feature request.

I was thinking that due to the new media library that this might be relevant again. I could imagine adding metadata for the dominant color or even adding a low resolution base64 data URL could be very helpful.

I can only find solutions using plaiceholder for the next image to fill the blurDataUrl. Any utilities to make this easier, or even an example article adding this to slices, would be a great resource.

Hi @gijs , thanks for the feedback. We hadn't re-opened the blurhash topic in the context of the new media library. I don't think it will be something we can address in the current iteration as the team is wrapping up work on this feature and will be focussed on the Team Spaces feature and improving our document search in Q2. I will update this thread if we pick up this topic.