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Hi! I setup my prismic repo to be private and accessed only by access token but when uploading a media document, a pdf in this case, having the link I can still access it outside of my app. Is there anyway to block access to the media files?

Hey @levijesica

There is no way to make the media private at the moment.
The only way to do that is to create a proxy that will replicate our media and secure it with your own specification.

Nothing that we can do at the moment; I will still track this as a feature request.

If you're worried about old PDF files being indexed by Google, we've actually partially solved this a while ago. You can learn more about this here:

Also, If you need to remove a file you've added to your Media Library, you can send it to us in a private dm, and we can permanently delete it for you.

Hi @Pau, the issue is not the indexing. Is that those PDFs are not meant to be public but to be behind a pay wall. If anyone can access the link they could access them without going through our site. Allowing access only from a specific domain would be enough in this case. I guess we'll have to find a different solution to keep our documents for now.

Thank you

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One way of seeing it is that there is no way to get to those documents if you don't have the URL of the file. So it is difficult for someone to get hold of the file from outside. Either way, I understand why this couldn’t be enough for your use case. Thanks for the feedback.

I just added a pin to your conversation to mark it as a Feature request.

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