Query all available locales?

Hi there, is there a way to query all available locales? We are currently building a locale switch for a website will be available in 15+ different countries. I know how i can query the alternative languages as soon as i queried a specific content. But now i would need to find out which locales are generally available even if the content i currently look at hasn’t been published to that locale yet.

In this case we would want to send the user to the home page of that locale as a backup solution. Any ideas?

Hey Matthias,

If you want to see all the available languages of a repository in the REST API then you simply need to query the API at the CDN level like so:

In this example you can see the languages object contains English and French like so:

"languages": [
    "id": "en-gb",
    "name": "English - Great Britain"
    "id": "fr-fr",
    "name": "French - France"


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