Querying for nested content relationships in the API

I have a document that has a content relationship with another document, and in that second document there is another relationship to a third document.

Is there a way for me to query for the first parent document in the API and receive all data for the two nested documents? Or do I need to recursively query the API 3 times using the ID for these nested documents in the response?

Would be great if we could just do one API call for the first document and receive all the data that it contains, including those that it has a content relationship to.

I am using the JavaScript Prismic API.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out.

In fact the currently the feature is been deployed for some of the repositories to support 2 levels of nested content relationship docs.

Can you share with us (in a private massage if necessary) your repository name to check if you already have the feature?

Looking forward to your reply,

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