Reading Time display on social post

Hi Prismic people,

When sharing our blog posts articles on social networks like Linkedin for instance, we get a reading time of 1mn... Which is definitely not engaging for visitors.

We don't know where to start to crack this issue. Anyone experienced it? Is there guidelines on how to setup our custom types to avoid this? Any help would be super welcome. It's hard to measure how bad this can be impacting us, but it's defnitely not making a good impression.

Many thanks for your help

Hey Josselin, I'm assuming this can't be edited because each social media algorithm defines a linked document's read time. e.g., I found this Medium documentation that explains how their website calculates these values by counting words.

I also found this similar issue in StackOverflow. A person was trying to modify it, but without luck, I think.

Appreciate the feedback @Paulina ! I'll escalate to tech team on our end, look further into it, but curious in the meantime to see if other teams in the Prismic community experienced it as well.

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