Repeatable group in a slice?

I'm pretty dang new to using headless CMS' in general. So please correct me if I'm misusing terminology since I feel that is pretty important when communicating concepts here.

Here is a section that we have plenty of similar ones on the home page.

  1. I create a slice (a literal component section of a website)
  2. I add 2 SectionPhoto fields (left/right) (image)
  3. I add SectionTitle field (key text)
  4. I add SectionDescription field (key text)
  5. (this is where I'm confused) Where the heck is a repeatable group for a slice? This feels like the most basic idea for what you team is calling a slice and in my head of how I structure and model content. I've read a bunch of requests in here for group fields in repeatable zones, repeatable groups nested in repeatable groups. But those aren't even as simple as just wanting a repeatable group for a slice. In my opinion (again I'm new to headless CMS' so this may be extremely complex to add. I'd want to add a SectionLinkList (Group) which has Title (key text) and a URL (key text) to create a list of list items for under the description.

Please tell me I'm just being quite dumb and this is actually something extremely easy to do.

Hey @tech20, you can use the repeatable section within the slice. In Prismic, the repeatable section for a slice works in the same way as a Group field. There you can add multiple list items under the description in your slice.