Response 500 for all request to api browser

I am experiencing status code 500 error for all our request.I have tried to use different key and it's still 500

Hi Jason,

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Can you tell me more about your project?

Can you see your content in your API browser? If so the issue is likely in your project.



we have been using it for couple year now,
I am starting to experience this issue since yesterday.

I am receiving this when i click on api browser
{"type":"api_security_error","message":"Invalid access token","oauth_initiate":"","oauth_token":""}

Updated 2:
I have pinpoint the issue to the CDN.
If i use the same query on browser without CDN it can retrieve correct content in the api browser. If i use CDN it will return 500 .

Please resolve this asap. This is causing server outage on our end

CDN is now accessible again.
Maybe I know what happened?

Hi Jason,

The API Browser will automatically load you auth token in your browser window, whereas the CDN route won't so that's normal.

We've had no reports from any other other users experiencing this issue and there are no logs about this issue on our side.

If you see any further issues let us know.


We were experiencing CDN outrage for at least over 12 hours.
So would be if we can find out why , and also if that happen again what else can we do.

If you give me the URL of your repo I can investigate further. This is the best place to report any issues like this.

Hi Phil

the repo is

OK, it seems this was a know issue that resolved. We had the wrong link in the repo settings on our side. If you ever see any thing like this again, which you shouldn't, then the forum is the best place to get information about it.

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