Rich Text hyperlink problem

Hello, Prismic Support Team~

I've encountered the problem of Rich Text Hyperlink.

This is my HTML serializer code.

Could you let me know the method to solve this problem.

Hey @max.petrivskyi, thanks for reaching out and sharing this issue with us. I reproduced it, and I made a small change to the document and published it again, and the error went away.

Could you try and do the same to see if it has the same effect on your end? If not, please send me the url of your repository so we can do a check. You can send it to me via dm if you prefer.

Hi, @Pau

Thanks for your kind response.

But still same issue :frowning:

Ok, I see. Could you please send me the URL of your repository so we can test it?

Hello, @Pau

Solved, thanks

Glad to hear that.

Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

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