Richtext field is irregular

I have two repos both using Prismic. In one of them, the Richtext field looks odd. This one does not match the fields one would expect here, instead, as viewed through /__graphiql, it has

richtext {

Why are the two different if they are both Richtext? Are there some obscure settings or newer changes that have altered the behaviour of the richtext? The 'raw' seems to contain all the correct fields that one would expect.

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It looks like you're fetching V1 of the API and not V2. Make sure the route is in your project set-up.


Hey there @devteam1, are you using Gatsby in your project?
These fields (html, raw, text) are only accessible from a Prismic & Gatsby schema.
The API response format that you saw here can be found in the raw option. But please note that in the latest version of the Gatsby plugin this field is renamed to richtext.

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