Safari v12 and under CORS error

Graphql Prismic using apollo-link-prismic to request content on client, fails due to CORS on Safari version 12 and under as per:

This is similar to bug reported in the thread of:

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There are many reasons why a CORS error may occur. Not long ago we released some changes that fixed ones related to using GraphQL. So yours it's a new case.

If you're still seeing this issue, could you send me the URL of your repo so we can do a check on our side?


Hello Paulina

It is exclusively to Safari 12 under and I believe it might have to do with the Authentication header + Accept Origin being a wildcard your end.

The same error happens on your graphql pagination example page:

Our website:

I see, thank you for sharing these details with me. I'll pass them over to the dev and product team so we can investigate further. We'll keep you updated with what we found.

Hey, I have an update about this issue. This should be now fixed for you. Could you please confirm?

CORS issues are often corner cases that need lo be reviewed individually, so for anyone else that might encounter a similar issue, please share as many details of your project as you can with us.


Hello Paulina. Can confirm this now works as expected

Thanks for fixing this.


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