Share url-key for tag and uid

Hi, Prismic ! is there a way to stop having the same name for tag and uid? or is there a way to build a URLResolver that can return a type?
In our app, we have blog/{blogName} for a specific blog , and blog/{categoryName} for the blog category page which list down all blogs under the same category/tag.
we can always search through all tags and all uid for a certain custom type to find out which component we should render, but just uncertain how to manage the situation when {catrgoryName} and {blogName} are the same.

Hi @sunpeiting07,

There is no way to make a UID unique between different document types. The routing structure that you described creates a namespace problem, which you're now encountering. For that reason, we discourage users from using the same route for separate types. Instead, you might use /blog/category/{categoryName} or /blog/posts/{blogName}.


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Thanks Sam, we will rethink our route set up then.

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