Slice fields don't update values properly


We are heavily using slices due to our specific requirements. We are in the process of developing the frontend for several of them, so the slice fields are subject to many changes. Today we faced an issue: we had a select field inside of a slice. Said select field does not update the value "first entry as default", so we can't proceed with the development.

The whole slice system is very fragile and unreliable. I have read another thread which is dealing with a similar issue, so we know it is not the first time something like this is reported. Is this a bug? if so, when it is going to be fixed?

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In fact, has this issue been reported and fixed? And the fix might not have been applied to your repository due to a progressive deployment on repositories.

Can you please share with me (in a private message if necessary) your repository name to investigate?

Also, It would be great to have your feedback about what you have described of the "slice system is very fragile and unreliable."

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I will share privately the name of the repository with you, so you can check whether it is applied to our two repositories.

What I mean by the slice system being fragile and unreliable is that there are plenty of these small issues, we lose changes randomly, we can't delete slices from the slice library, changes seem to not to apply sometimes, pages reload themselves sometimes and content is lost... there are plenty of UI problems as well, for example, the user roles, when using the system in English, are different in the select than in the rest of the interface, also, the slice library is not shared among all the users of a repository and instead is personal, this becomes quite clumsy and error prone when there are several developers working in parallel in the same repositories.

And a lot of small things can become slightly infuriating.

A similar reported issue can be found here

Another similar issue where the solution has been pointed to have been created can be found here.

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Hi @david.gomez, thanks for linking those threads. The fix is still being deployed progressively for repositories.

If you would like to have an early alpha release; please let us know (can you share the repository name again, I can't find the private message)

Discussing it with the team, will get back to you later, thanks for the effort!

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Hi David,

This is fixed has been deployed for all clients, can you please check?

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