Slice Machine does not save when using prettier-plugin-tailwindcss

As per the title I am getting the following error when using prettier-plugin-tailwindcss with Slice Machine and NextJS 13.4 and TypeScript.

Disabling the prettier plugin removes the error.

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Hi @joseph ,

Thanks for sending this info. I've passed it to the team and I'll let you know if I get any feedback from them.


So it looks like this known issue, and there is a workaround suggested in the last comment:

I'm glad to see this was here. I discovered this issue just a moment ago myself. I noticed as well that I couldn't get snippets while this plugin was enabled. I'm trying the slicemachine.config workaround now.

Additionally, I've noted that while the prettier-plugin-tailwindcss is enabled in my .prettierrc file, I can't simulate slices either. I get a blank setup simulator dialog box.

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