Slice Machine doesn't have 'allow target blanks' option

Hi @Phil ,

Sure enough with the new updates I get the option to choose between adding links to web, document, and media. However, the slice machine UI (i'm using version 0.3.1) doesn't provide an option to 'allow target blanks' like there is one in the main prismic dashboard.

At the moment I have to manually re-edit the slice from the dashboard after pushing it from slice machine to enable the 'allow target blanks' feature. Can you help me with this? All I want is for the option 'open link in new tab' to be available to the user adding links to the documents in prismic.

Hi Team,

This is a really good point, I'm going to bring this up with the team now. Once I have more information from them I'll let you.


Hi @Phil,

Is there any update on this subject ?

Hello @allan.raquin_alphaca

This feature is in the testing phase. We will update you once it's done.