Slicemachine Error : "too many open files"

I'm working on a big website, under Nuxt3 + Prismic, with lots of slices (around 80) and pages (around 30)? Until yesterday, everything was working fine but when I added a new slice or page yesterday, my slicemachine no longer works.
The interface is displayed well with the pages and slices but it tells me that I am not logged in and even after having logged back in.
And when I check the changelog it says 'Could not fetch release notes. Find out more on GitHub'

In the console I have a 500 error on http://localhost:9999/_manager and the returned message is
´┐Ż´┐Żerror´┐Ż´┐Żname´┐ŻError´┐Żmessage´┐ŻgEMFILE: too many open files, open 'C:\DEV\my-project\node_modules\slice-machine-ui\package.json'

My project is blocked and I can no longer develop! What to do ?

Is there a limit in Prismic to the number of slices & pages per Project?

Prismic doesn't impose a strict limit on the number of slices or pages per project. It appears that the error you're encountering might be related to your development environment handling numerous open files concurrently. To help us better understand the issue, could you provide a screenshot or screen recording demonstrating how this problem occurs? Thanks

Hi @Pau ,

Good morning,
Indeed, searching the web, this seems to be a common error on nodejs projects which are quite large.
Having not found a solution on Windows, I will have to switch to Linux to be able to increase the ulimit (ex: Tutorials And Articles in-linux#:~:text=The%20%22Too%20many%20open%20files%20error%22%20appears%20when%20the%20limit,the%20fix%20for%20this%20problem.)

What surprises me is that the slicemachine reaches this limit with a fairly modest quantity of slices and pages?
Wouldn't there be an optimization to be made on the slicemachine side to prevent too many files from being opened at once?


I switched the project to linux and ran "ulimit -n 65535" and it works now.
On the other hand, I think I won't be the only one to have this problem with a project with a large number of slices & pages.
I think the Prismic team should make the slicemachine less hungry for open files

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