SliceZones Not Rendering Using Prop queryType="single"

I am able to render my slices if I add a UID to my singular Custom Type and use

<slice-zone type="blog_single" uid="blog-single" />


<slice-zone type="blog_single" queryType="single" />

Just renders the "Your slice is empty" component.

The custom type for this document is definitely singular as you can see here

After adding the UID field to the singular custom type, i tried again with using queryType="single" on my slice zone component and again failed.

Hello @james0r

The UID of the document is required when queryType is "repeat". You also don't need to add UID in a single type. I have a few questions:

  1. Was this Custom Type repeatable before?
  2. Do you have some doc in the Archive or release tab?
  3. What version of vue/slicezone do you have?


Actually in my case adding a UID is the only way it works.

  1. No was always singlular
  2. 1 unrelated doc in archives for different custom type
  3. 0.2.1


Hello @james0r

That's strange. Could you please send me your prismic repo URL and project source code? You can send me a Private message, though.

Meanwhile, can you update vue-slicezone to 0.1.2 version?