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Hello, thank you for your help. I am building a SvelteKit based site and having trouble understanding how to properly config the routes.

I have a menu with one level deep, lets say:

contact us

  • write us
  • directory

The "directory" and "write us" page have a relationship of the type category called "contact-us"

I noticed that I can access this pages either way:

However, I want /contact-us/directory to be the only way to access this page.


My current file structure:


  • [category]
    -- [uid]

My prismicio file config:

const routes = [
		type: 'page',
		uid: 'home',
		path: '/'
		type: 'page',
		path: '/:uid',

After reading the documentation,, I have tried a few ways of adding the route with a resolver :

		type: 'page',
		path: '/:category/:uid',
                 category: 'category'

But I get error 500.

Console error:

  response: {
[vite:dev]     type: 'Link resolver error',
[vite:dev]     message: '[Link resolver error] Invalid resolver category\n' +
[vite:dev]       'It must be a content relationship linked to one and only one custom typ'
[vite:dev]   }
[vite:dev] }

I would really appreciate your help to help me understand this. I think the relationship is linked to only one type, so it is kinda confusing.

Thanks again!

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Link resolver

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Read docs. Modifying routes const


Invalid resolver category

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Figured this out. Thanks.

Within the docs, resolvers: {category: 'category'} makes it confusing.

resolvers: { dynamicpathname: 'relationship-API-id' } is how I finally understood.

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