Translatable URLs or slugs (configured in Prismic CMS)

Hi there.

I am currently exploring the use of Prismic as a headless CMS for static multilingual websites based on NextJS. So far, I am really liking what I'm seeing, especially since the recent updates that introduced TypeScript support.

I am currently looking into how I could best implement translatable URLs into a website. I have been looking around, and I couldn't find a straight answer, so that's why I'm here.

Let's say I have a /products page in English (en-us) and a Dutch (nl-nl) /producten. Ideally, I would not manually create a mapping for this in the code.


In an ideal situation:

  • the person using Prismic could specify their desired slug in the CMS (the last part: product. The category name would be specified in a NextJS pages directory or dynamically via getStaticPaths).
  • the slugs can be different per language (/my-article vs /mijn-artikel)
  • the language switch on the static page can link to the translated version of the page (if it is available)
  • this all works on a static site with a private Prismic repo

Given this scenario, I don't think I can make pages/[lang]/[uid].tsx work as suggested on the route resolver page, but I hope I'm wrong here :slight_smile:

My findings

I did some testing. When I get my page by UID as follows...

export const getStaticProps: GetStaticProps = async () => {
  const page = await Client().getByUID("page", "home", {});

  return {
    props: { page },

... and then log this page to the console, I notice the following options:

An alternative_languages array:

        "id": "abcdefg",
        "uid": "home",
        "type": "page",
        "lang": "en-us"

A slugs array, but that seems deprecated: What are Slugs?

When I query a single custom type (my footer) and select the homepage in a "Content Relationship" link and inspect its properties I don't see any custom fields from the static zone of my page besides the UID, so I can't just add a custom slug field (which can then be translated per locale) and query it this way I think.

const footer = await Client().getSingle("footer");
// logging[0].link (content relationship link) gives me
    "id": "abcdefg",
    "type": "page",
    "tags": [],
    "slug": "this-is-my-hero", // from the first slice??? Kind of odd
    "lang": "nl-nl",
    "first_publication_date": "2021-11-30T17:01:13+0000",
    "last_publication_date": "2021-12-24T15:16:40+0000",
    "uid": "home",
    "url": "/home",
    "link_type": "Document",
    "isBroken": false

A possible solution?

Something I thought of (but haven't tried) was:

  1. querying all Prismic documents in getStaticProps (because that would provide custom slug fields from the static zone thus allowing the CMS operator to specify their desired slug)
  2. computing the full URLs the same way I would in getStaticPaths
  3. and passing those translatable URLs for the same page as props to my page.

Do I have any other (better) options?

I'm still relatively new to using Prismic, so please tell me if I'm missing something :slight_smile:

Happy holidays :christmas_tree:

I was just informed about Fetch linked document fields with the REST API - Prismic via Twitter. Haven't looked into it yet, but it might be helpful.

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Hi @eddyvinck95,

Thanks for reaching out; I'm wondering if you have been able to solve the issue!

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Hi @Fares. It does seem like it will be the solution, but I have not gotten to that part of my project yet. I'll post an update once I can give this a try!

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Please let us know if you need any further assistance.