Try to understand LinkResolver

Hi team, i couldn't find more details about LinkResolver in the documentation. How should I use it with the Routes Resolver? How should i structure the ClientConfig?

Here is my current function:

const routes = [
        type: "article",
        resolvers: {
            group: "_group"
        path: "/learn/:group/:uid",

this.client = prismic.createClient(repoName, {

Hello @jia

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

We have described the route resolver and link resolver in the following article: Route Resolver - Documentation - Prismic

To answer your question, I need more information:

  1. What URL do you want to achieve with the route resolver?
  2. What framework are you using? We have documentation in each framework.

I am looking forward to hearing from you back


Hi @Priyanka

Thank you for your prompt response. I'm using the Angular framework, but I'm also using the Express documentation and some vanilla JS examples. The documentation stated that both route resolver and link resolver can be used together, but I couldn't find any additional examples.

I have two things want to achieve:

  1. Inside _group custom type, I have a field name as handle, so I would like to access that property. How could I do that in route resolver?

  2. In this article custom type, I have a select field name as category, how could I use that value and populate the route?

Hello Jia Meel,

Sorry for the delayed response.

The route resolver and link resolver are meant to generate URLs for each Document in your repository. To access the property first you need to fetch data and template content. Could you please tell me what framework are you using?


Hi @Priyanka we are using Angular

Hello @jia

We don't have official documentation in Angular. You can check our react documentation for fetch data and template content: