Type Error for Images in RichText serializer

After updating to the newest Prismic, Slicemachine and Next.js version, I get a new error in my richtext serializer.

As described on the following page, I have a custom serializer for my rich text components:

import type { JSXMapSerializer } from '@prismicio/react';
import { PrismicNextImage } from '@prismicio/next';

import { Title, Text, ImageWrapper } from 'ui/components';

export const richTextComponents: JSXMapSerializer = {
  heading1: ({ children, key }) => (
    <Title level="h1" key={key}>
  paragraph: ({ children, key }) => <Text key={key}>{children}</Text>,
  image: ({ node, key }) => {
    return (
      <ImageWrapper animation="curtain" slideIn="bottom" key={key}>
          sizes="(max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px"

For the field={node} prop at <PrismicNextImage /> I newly get the following error:

Type 'RTImageNode' is not assignable to type 'ImageFieldImage | null | undefined'.
  Type 'RTImageNode' is missing the following properties from type 'FilledImageFieldImage': id, edit

How can I fix this?
I would be happy to use <PrismicNextImage /> in here to have image usage streamlined trough the application.

@andre.lergier I'm not sure what the best fix would be, but as a quick fix, you can always define node as any: field={node as any}. This should at least get rid of the TypeScript error.

Hopefully, someone else will contribute here with a better fix, but at least this will work for now.

Thanks for your input! A @ts-ignore also works as a quick fix :slightly_smiling_face:

But it would be great to have a clean solution for this...
Maybe @angeloashmore has an idea?

Is there any update on this? Should I open an issue on GitHub?

Hi Andre,

Sorry for our late answer. The team is at the moment quite focused on some other topics as developer collaboration and modelling limitations, do you mind opening an issue on Github for future reference, and flag it as "enhancement"?

Thanks again for your feedback and collaboration on the topic.