Unable to Query Newly Published Prismic Data in Next.js App

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There could be several reasons why this is happening. Since you can query the data successfully in the GraphQL sandbox but not in your application, and given that you haven't changed your application code, the problem likely lies in the interaction between your application and Prismic's API. Here are several areas to investigate:

  1. Caching Issues:
  • Apollo Client uses a cache to store the results of its queries. If the cache isn't updated correctly, it might not reflect the latest data from Prismic. Check your Apollo Client cache configuration and consider manually clearing the cache to see if the issue resolves.
  • Next.js on vercel has been facing cache issue, so please check this thread:
    Caching issue with Next.js App Router - Vercel Deployment
  1. Network Issues:
  • There might be network issues that are preventing the updated data from being fetched. Check if there are any CORS or network configuration issues that could be affecting data retrieval.
  1. Error Logs and Debugging:
  • Check the error logs in your application.
  • Use Apollo Client’s debugging tools to inspect the queries and responses to see if there are any discrepancies.
  1. Environment-Specific Configurations:
  • Sometimes issues can be specific to the environment in which your application is running. Ensure that all environment-specific configurations (like environment variables) are set correctly.

Given these possibilities, a systematic approach to debugging is recommended. Start by checking the most straightforward issues like cache clearing.


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