Unable to remove slugs from UID


I have a website that has a page that has had multiple UIDs that have since been deleted but are still stored as the documents slugs. Is there anyways to remove them?


"uid": "about-us",
"slugs": [

(need to remove Careers slugs from About-us)

Thank you!

Hello @svc

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Please find information about slugs in this article:


Hi @Priyanka,

since slugs are a depreciated feature, how do we remove them? it seems they might be connected with the URLs object being returned in this API:


I don't see a way to remove them on the prismic dashboard, and it is causing routing errors on our site.


@svc Unfortunately, you can not remove slugs. What routing error are you getting? could you please share more details?


When I try to change my "career" page to "careers" it says the UID is already in use, but the only time Careers was used was in the early stages of "about-us" development.

now when I go to "myWebsite.com/careers" I am routed to the about-us page.

let me know if you need clarification!


It's not related to slug. It's related to the UID field in Prismic editor. This means that another document in your repository already has this UID value. It could be a document that is drafted or in the archive.
Please check our article to unlock the old UId:

Let me know if the issue doesn't solve.