Unable to sort blog posts by last or first publication date

I am trying to sort my blog posts but unfortunately, I am getting a weird ordering no matter what. Code and screenshot below as well as console log output. Not sure if this is a prismic or a sveltekit issue but I did do an npm update and everything seems to be in order. Even tried first_publication_date desc but still no luck.

<script context="module">
    import PrismicDom from "prismic-dom";
    import Client from "../../../utils/client";
    import Prismic from "@prismicio/client";
    export async function load() {
        const document = await Client.query(
            Prismic.Predicates.at("document.type", "blog_post"),
            { orderings: "[blog_post.last_publication_date]" }
        return {
            props: {

Hey @teddy_stanowski ,

This looks like a syntax issue. I believe this is what you want:

 { orderings: "[document.last_publication_date]" }

Let me know if that works.

(And here's more info on how predicate paths work, in case you're curious.)


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