Unable to view sharable link to a non prismic user

Hello prismic support team!

I might be misunderstanding how the sharable preview link works or I'm running into an issue.

I've set up a preview at my site at this url https://dd-sample-next-js-blog.nikibrown.vercel.app and this is working correctly for me. I am able to view this when I am logged in as my prismic user, but if I share this to a coworker they see a blank page. I think I have things for preview set up correctly as I cloned the next.js blog project from here: https://user-guides.prismic.io/en/articles/2882569-sample-blog-with-api-based-cms-in-next-js

You can find my github repo here https://github.com/nikibrown/dd-sample-next-js-blog
And my prismic repo here https://dd-sample-next-js-blog.prismic.io/

From what I am assuming this url for example in the screenshot should allow anyone to preview the unpublished content. In this case I'm trying to share unpublished blog posts that are part of a release. Screenshot:


  • Niki Brown

Hello Niki, thank you for reaching out. This is a known issue we're aware of and already tracking.

We will work on making enhancements to the preview functionality with Next.js in the future, but without a rough ETA for the moment. So, unfortunately there's still no workaround to make the sharable link work. As soon as we make progress or have any news about this we'll let everyone know in this same thread.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.

@Paulina It might be good to disable the display of the link if its known that this feature is broken. I did a product demo to my whole team and it was frustrating that it did not work. The preview functionality without building is one of the reasons why we are switching platforms. It would be nice if Prismic would clearly label things as "beta" if they are not ready to be used. Even if this was working at one point you should remove it.



Thank you very much for the feedback, I'll be sure to mention this to the product team.
And, whenever I have news about this issue getting fixed I'll let you know.

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A fix that is related to this issue has been released, can you please check?

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Hi @Fares,

You mentioned something about a fix related to this issue been released, but we're still experiencing it. Our previews work like a charm, except when giving a sharable link to a non prismic user. We're using Next.js too.

@jrodriguez I'm really sorry for the confusion; this issue is in work now and wasn't released.

I will let you know if I get any updates.

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