Webhooks failing over HTTPS

HI there,

A short while ago I had the hosting company of one of my clients add a SSL certificate to their website (www.mirjam-ouwerkerk.nl). Since then the webhooks fail to complete. The return status code is zero and when I hover over the status code the little hover text says "unable to verify the first certificate".
The reason I am reaching out to you first is that no browser has problems with the certificate (even on old Android 7 hardware) and also the payment provider we use has no problems calling webhooks to update payment information.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey @prismic22, thanks for reaching out.

  • Where do you see these errors? Could you send us a screenshot or any error logs?
  • When you mention that no browser has problems with the certificate, can you tell me where this problem exists instead?
  • What type of information does your payment provider handle? How does this service connect with Prismic webhooks?


The only place I can see any errors is in the webhooks section of our account.

The payment provider does not connect with Prismic webhooks but is a separate service with its own webhook which it has no trouble calling.
The reason I mention browsers not having troubles and our payment provider not having issues is to illustrate that it probably is not a certificate configuration issue.

So this is most probably related to an outdated certificate. You can manually rerun the webhook after you fix this validation.