When does Preview cookie get dropped

We've been integrating OneTrust on our site and it seems to pickup io.prismic.preview as a cookie, it would be great to have some clarity on when this one gets dropped. Are we right in thinking it only gets dropped when a user actually previews a link or are there also cases when normal users would have this cookie (without pressing preview in Prismic)?

Hey @vandijckske,

There are two ways to get a preview cookie. One is by clicking "preview" from within the Prismic editor. The other is by opening a shareable preview link. Either way, you only get access to the preview for a specific draft or release.

I hope that helps, but let me know if it leaves anything unanswered.


Ok Thanks @samlittlefair, do you have an idea why the OneTrust scanner would be picking it up as a cookie?

@vandijckske I've never heard of this happening. Could you give me more detail so I can check with the dev team? Any screenshots, error logs, etc, would be really helpful.