window.prismic.Toolbar is undefined in nextjs - toolbar in preview mode not showing

I have a nextjs project repo id jenzabar-next. I have set up preview mode in an identical way to my other prismic projects which work. Yet window.prismic.Toolbar is undefined in jenzabar-next. The preview does work when clicking the eye icon but the toolbar is not available.

using packages "@prismicio/client": "^5.1.0" in dependencies and "prismic-cli": "^3.8.13" in devDependencies

I initially thought it was this issue but I think it is something else

I copied the prismic script exactly from the preview settings page

<script async defer src=""></script>

Hey there, thanks for reaching out.
Is your script added in the <head> of your pages?

We're investigating if there's an additional reason why this could be happening. We'll let you know when we have more information.


Hi @Pau yes the script is in the head. window.prismic is defined and looks fine. As is "window.prismicToolbar" but not window.prismic.Toolbar like on other projects. It's very confusing!

window.prismicToolbar is a legacy version of the toolbar. To update it, you need to include the newest script in all your other projects.

I've opened a ticket in the dev teams backlog. As soon as I have news about this being reviewed, we'll let you know

@Pau Thank you. Just to be clear, I am using the latest script in all my projects, including the one with the issue. The other projects have both window.prismicToolbar and window.prismic.Toolbar.

Ok, thanks for letting us know.

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