Absolute links being rendered as relative

I want to do an extremely simple thing: have a menu item link to a web page. I go into to my global settings and see the menu contents; the link was originally pointing at an internal page, but I want to repoint it an external one, so I change its type to "link to the web", and put in my URL. But it's misrendered, appending my absolute URL to the current domain, so if my site is at:


and I set the link target to


the URL in the resulting link is rendered as


This is of course completely useless! This link goes to a 404 page, but retaining the URL, and since the menu appears on that page too, the link then offers to send me to


and I can keep going, adding a bit more to the URL with each click. Note the strange munging of // into /, and it stripping the trailing /login path in those intermediate URLs on the 404 page. I am absolutely certain that the URL I'm providing is the link target is correct, and does not contain only a single / – here it is in the UI:


It's also very odd because I saw in other posts that prismic doesn't support relative links?!

So why won't prismic link to a simple absolute URL?

That absolute link should be working just fine. Maybe there's a problem in how you're rendering the link URL on the front end. Could you show me a code snippet of the menu?

I'm not aware of having any code – this was set up by an external developer. How do I get to it in the prismic UI?

The problem is likely coming from the code. You may need to ask the developer in charge of your project for help. If you have access to the code and need help finding the error, we can assist you.

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