Access to sub-elements from other documents

Feature Idea (one per thread):

  • Very often I'm building overview pages with sorting and filtering. Here I always miss an easier way to create tags/categories. Right now every tag must be an independent document, which means it clutters the Documents overview page. I would love if just 1 document could hold a "public group" of items - these items would all be available from other documents with the "Content relationship", just like documents are available.

Issue that it solves:

  • Much better overview and UX for content editors. Easier to convince clients about using Prismic.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

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@MichaelVestergaard Great idea.

Another way to solve the same problem is to have "Folders", very similarly to the way Storyblok does it

Thanks for your ideas @MichaelVestergaard, @kris.

For the moment, you can use tags and collections to order your documents:

Absolutely, and Collections is great too. But it's still a really slow process to create so many new tags/categories and maintain in individual documents. Much quicker and user-friendly if they were in just one group.

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