Add Prismic graphql api as a remote schema in Hasura

Im trying to get Hasura to work with Prismic. More specifically, I am tring to connect Prismics graphql API to Hasura. The problem I am facing is that it seems that Prismic introspection requires a GET request and Hasura only makes a POST request. Because of this. I cannot add my Prismic graphql schema to Hasura. If I am mistaken in this, please describe in what way we need to call the Prismic API in order to get the schema for it. Otherwise, please tell me if and when this feature will be supported.
Kind regards,
Kamal :blush:


Prismic doesn't support POST requests for the moment, but that is something we are discussing internally.

You can read more about supporting POST requests here.

Please let us know if you have any other inquires,

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