Support Post requests on graphql endpoint

Hello prismic, currently, prismic graphql endpoint does not support post requests. The problem with this is that one can easily hit 413 error codes from your Nginx server whenever the query string in the get request exceeds certain number of characters.

Prismic is great because of the use of slices, and to achieve great content modelling, one has to use lots of slices.

I want to know what is the status on this issue, at some point, I will not be able to scale our website if adding more slices locks me out completely and I will be forced to find other alternatives.

When will this be supported, Graphql spec is post request and not get, why is prismic different on this?

Actually the GraphQL spec allows GET requests for queries :wink:

I think it would be useful for them to use POST too, since that does seem to be the modus operandi.

This is something that we discuss here and have plans to implement when we begin our improvements to the GraphQL API: