Any updates on allSlices fragment or POST support?

Hello Prismic team :wave:

I'm working on a slice machine + GraphQL API solution for our blog redesign at and I've hit the " 413 Request Entity Too Large" limitation while creating our new, content relationship-heavy, blog homepage.

I saw that I can try and minify the GraphQL to avoid this error up to some point but this solution is far from optimal and, considering our number of slices, that would at best earn us some time before becoming a problem again.

That said, are there any updates regarding the solutions suggested by @renaud on the 413 Request Entity Too Large thread?

At the moment, the internal discussion that we are having that we will have to either accept some predefined fragments to fetch allSlices (this is a solution that we have discussed in the past with @esmith) or to switch our API to accept POST request.

For context, this is the document on our Prismic dashboard and this is how it looks. There will be other pages just like this one for our product-specific blogs.


Hey Vitor,

The team is not currently working on implementing POST requests, but it is our roadmap. On the upside we resolved the issue you were having with GraphQuery in the REST API:

See your full request here.

Hello @Phil, ¿does that mean you're no longer considering an 'allSlices' fragment? It feels really cumbersome to have to specify all fields when using slices, specially since any non used ones can be removed with variations.

Hi Iván,

Welcome to the community!

There has been no decision taken on this yet. I realise it can be time-consuming. I will reach out to the team to see what the plans are for the GraphQL API, but there it's not being updated at this moment.