HTTP 414 Response with GraphQL API

We keep receiving a 414 http response when we attempt to query the document. Our site keeps erroring out as a result.

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This usually happens when the query is too long.
Could you share with me the url of your repo and the query? you can send them over to me via dm if you prefer.

Hi Paulina, we were able to debug it and it was query size; however, it seems very surprising that there would be a limit on query size, especially such a strict one. We have about 15 slices for that page. That seems quite reasonable. We had to do some hacks where we split the query into 4 different queries, each fetching a subset of slices and then merging it all together.

This is a very suboptimal option and I think it would be reasonable to support POST requests for graphql queries. We've had to do numerous workaround since prismic doesn't support POST. Everyone else seems to have consolidated on POST and most graphql tooling assumes POST. Are there plans to support POST requests? Also, can you please shed some light on why prismic uses GET?

Yes! Supporting POST requests is something that we discuss here and have plans to implement when we begin our improvements to the GraphQL API:

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