Add slice to customtype from repository

I work on a couple different Prismic repositories and usually when creating a new customtype there is a button for adding slices "From this Repository" into the slice-zone. But for the repository i am working on currently i only have the options of creating a new slice, or from "slice-machine". What would i need to do to be able to simply copy over slices into this new customtype?

I am not using slice-machine for any of these repositories.

Hi Erik,

I'm experiencing the same problem and posted about this in another post - Legacy builder - I don’t have the ability to select slices from other custom types anymore

Hey Kris,

Have you been able to solve this yourself yet? I am thinking about simply copying over all the data from the json editor, but don't know if there are any disadvantages with that, and also always scary to mess around to much with that stuff :sweat_smile:

Hey @erik.albinsson - the only reliable way is to copy the JSON representing the slice from one custom type and paste it into the other custom type.

However, I'm doing quite a bit of refactoring at the moment so I definitely don't want to continue doing this as it's eating up my speed/productivity.