"+ Create new slice" in prismic admin

Dou you have a tutorial or documentation about "+ Create new slice" in prismic admin ?
I'am not sure what is it

Hey Benoit,

If you want to create new Slices in Slicemachine then you should really follow the suggested way to do this on the Slicemachine website, which is creating and editing the Slice locally and pushing it to Prismic.


Yes, I already do this with the CLI
But I was wondering what it was

Yeah sure you can edit the custom types in the dashboard as described here:

WARNING: This issue here is that if you start editing your Slicemachine Slice models in the dashboard this might create conflicts between Prismic and a the Slice Builder in your local project. Possibly stopping you from being able to push your updates to Prismic.

I'm guessing you want to do this to get the extra formatting options for the rich text you were discussing here. I would wait until these are pushed rather than editing in the dashboard.

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