SliceMachine not syncing Custom Types with

I'm logged in with the prismic CLI but when i run npm run slicemachine I don't see all my custom types from the Prismic Admin and no warnings in the SliceMachine UI.

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Hello James,

Have you pushed Custom Types to Prismic? I need more details:

  1. Screenshots are much better.
  2. Are your SM project to your Prismic repo?


To be clear, I'm meaning Custom Types created on are not appearing in the slice machine UI.

The projects are synced just fine. I can push slices created locally up to prismic with no problem.

I'm actually failing to understand why we would have 2 places to create Custom Types at all, especially if they are not in sync with one another.

Hello @james0r

With Slice Machine, you can only push Custom types and Slices from Slice Builder to the Prismic. It's a unidirectional flow. The Slice Builder pushes custom types, and Slices are synced with Prismic builder. Learn more about What is Slice Machine. It explains everything you need.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Is there a plan to add the ability to sync? It could cause some confusion if there's parts of Slice Machine that have the most up to date items (the slices) but other parts we're supposed to ignore (custom type changes).

I noticed when making a personal project that new Prismic repos don't even have the ability to set custom types in the dashboard. It seems that's all moved to Slicemachine. But with older projects we run into this mis-match.

Hello @dhayes

At the moment there is no plan to add the ability to sync. Yes, it's true that with current versions you only can create Custome Types in the Slice Machine. You will have to create them with a Slice machine and then push them. It’s the focus because we want to eventually make Slicemachine part of the standard Prismic process.


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Would the "manual" way to do it be to copy the JSON from Prismic dashboard and paste that into Slicemachine on local?

I'd like to have us start following your new standard to have Slicemachine as the "source of truth" but since we started making custom types in Prismic dashboard I don't want to break everything.

Nevermind, I'm realizing I can't manually add the custom types locally to match what's in the dashboard because the dashboard system puts everything in Snake Case and the new Slicemachine version wants Camel Case and doesn't allow for "_"--so I would have to completely redo the custom types.

@dhayes Yes. You have to completely redo the Custom Types. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions.