Ability to sync from Prismic dashboard to Slicemachine

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Currently, Slicemachine can push to Prismic Dashboard but it only syncs in one direction. There should be an ability for Slicemachine to pull the latest from Prismic.

Issue that it solves:

  1. Since you can create, for example, a custom document type in either Slicemachine or the dashboard, this can lead to a mismatch or confusion in a team (i.e. "Developer B made this document type and I need to add a new field--but do I need to do that in Slicemachine or the dashboard?"
  2. New Prismic repos now require all custom types to be made in Slicemachine--so older repos aren't able to migrate to this workflow since it would require redoing all tables, recreating all data records, and possibly broken code.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

Hello @dhayes

Thanks for your valuable feedback. At the moment, our SM team is mainly focusing on the SM builder from where you can push slices from Slice Machine to the Prismic. It is primarily designed for the developer workflow.
Although I agree with your suggested features, I'll pass this feature to my @features-team to consider.


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