Can no longer add slices to custom type using slice machine


I've followed the instructions on adding labels to the rich text editor via the JSON file which worked fine, but now all the slices I added to that custom type have disappeared and can no longer be added to the custom type from my localhost slice machine. Adding the slicse back in via the JSON file also does not work, as in order to push the custom type back to Prismic I need to save to the filesystem which then removes the slices as they cannot be added form the slice machine UI. I'm kind of stuck here as I wanted to update my live site, but now any updates will take content out of the site.

EDIT: Just to add to this - can't even add any custom fields to this particular custom type. The UI won't allow me to type into fields at all and feels really buggy.


HI @jon1

Thanks for reaching out.

To reproduce and fix this issue, I would need some more elements, so can you please provide the following (feel free to share that in a private message if necessary ):

  1. Your repository name.
  2. Name the custom type where you have added the label and the article you have pointed to.
  3. one example of a slice that has disappeared
  4. Some screen recordings and screenshots can help.

Looking forward to your reply,

I am also experiencing this problem. It is very unfortunate, as a lot of work went into integrating. Now that I know broken and clearly untested functionality can make it to your production build, my confidence is shattered.

Hey @michael.britton, could you please send us more details about your use case? If you could share a screen recording of the issue it would be very helpful.

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Unfortunately, your system won't allow me to upload the screen recordings I prepared.

My use case: When I create a custom type in slicemachine, I can't add slices. When I view it from Prismic, it shows in the "Type" list, but will not appear for editing. When I query its ID, it isn't there. Basically, everything that should be happening is not.

Hi Pau,

Here are some screen recordings to demonstrate some of the problems I'm having.

If this is an issue that can be resolved quickly by creating another account and bringing over the media library, I'm cool with that.

Thanks in advance for any advice on next steps. :slight_smile:

Rendered - 571a196f-3f56-4fba-bed2-96be916a7c8a...
Rendered - ae1c4d02-9939-414a-9d0e-1c99504fa6e8...
Rendered - d9fc9086-7282-4800-9624-f4984ef765cc...

Thanks, I've requested access to view the recordings @michael.britton.

You have access now.

Thanks, I've noticed a few things.

  • In the first video, I could see you updated a Custom Type by adding a Slice. After that, you need to go to the Changes tab and push the changes to Prismic.
  • For the second one and third ones, you need to open your repository and create documents for those Single type Custom Types. Then you'll be able to see a response from the API.
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Thanks - will try this.

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