Custom type's slices disappeared

Yesterday, I created a new repeatable content type, associated with some slices. I committed everything, synchronized the slicemachine and then created an instance of this content type on the prismic dashboard.

Today, I wanted to add a slice to this customtype. so I launched the slicemachine, go to my custom type and there the dashboard tells me "Add Slices to your Custom Type" as if there was none.
I confirm that my custom type still exists on prismic, but there is a de-synchronization which is not reassuring at all.
On my local files, I still have the folder of my custom type, with its index.json that seems to contain the slices I created yesterday.

Why and especially how to resolve this ?


Hello @lateek35_naturo. Thanks for reaching out.

This problem usually occurs when there is an offset commit. You can try to pull your changes and retry. And maybe check if there's a conflict in your git logs. Could you show us a screen recording of the error?

I ended up finding a dup id in the json after a custom type rename. Don't know why the issue appear later (like after a first correct sync), but that seems now resolved :slight_smile:

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