Adding a link image in the new Page Builder

It seems that in the new Page Builder doesn't support adding links to images anymore.

In the old editor, you could paint a picture inside the WYSIWYG editor, click the Link icon, and add a URL to the image. This way, the Image object comes to the frontend with "linkTo" attribute with it.

In the new Page Builder, you can add a link to a text inside WYSIWYG by painting the text and clicking Link button from the pop up:

But this menu doesn't pop up for images, as you can't select images. Any workarounds on this?

Hi @jonne ,

Welcome to the community!

This is one of the features that were not in the Alpha of the page builder, BUT it is coming to the page builder this week. :tada:

So you can either wait for the update or I can reactivate the legacy builder for you for now.

Let me know, and I'll be happy to help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update! You said that the fix would be coming already two weeks ago, but it doesn't seem to be working at least on our workspace.

Whats the ETA for the fix?

Hi @jonne,

This feature is for sure available in the page builder alpha:

Are you seeing different behaviour? Can you send me a screen recording?

Hi I think what the original poster wanted to do was what I'm trying to do today.

Embed an image inside the RichTextEditor (works) - than apply a link to that image to another page or url.

Can this be done in pagebuilder I can def do in legacy builder


Hi @rob1 ,

Thank you for clarifying, you're correct I did misunderstand.

It's not currently available in the the new page builder's rich text field, I've made the team aware of this loss of function. They've added it to their backlog, but it's not in their immediate roadmap.

When they have any updates regarding this they'll update you here.


This is a fundamental blocker for our marketing team, adding links (or changing links) on images is very common practice. Can you give us a better understanding why it's not an immediate priority? We're forced to rollback to the Legacy editor, which is disruptive to the team and erodes confidence in the CMS. Can this topic be marked unsolved until a fix is deployed?


Can you drop to the legacy editor on an as-needed basis to achieve the image linking?

Yes true this is an option, but for us it's not intuitive enough to expect our team to do this (or know to do it).
Considering Page Builder is now the default for new repositories, surely ironing these basic WYSIWYG issues out is an immediate priority for the platform.
Just to add, I love the new Page Builder and think it's a great step for Prismic, I fear these issues will end up holding it back from adoption by editors.

I suppose until your required feature parity is reached, you can request being reverted to legacy. I understand your position entirely though. I'm fortunate enough to be a team of one haha!

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I'm still unable to add links to images and now I am getting a notice that the legacy builder will cease working on June 21st!

@Phil can update this thread as unsolved? So it is flagged properly.

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Hi Ben,

This is on the roadmap for the team to implement before the full switchover.

The date of June 21st indicates when you won't be able to switch back to the legacy editor if you are already on the new builder. The full switchover will come after that when we have resolved all outstanding issues like this one.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

Any updates with this. We are waiting for this feature as well.

Yep, feature should be released today. I'll update this thread when it is available.


This feature is now available.

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