Unable to add images in a rich text field (new Page Builder)

Hello everyone,

Recently, I’ve been facing an issue with a Rich Text Field where I can no longer add images. The option to insert images is missing from the context menu. I’m using the new Page Builder, and everything was working fine until last week. Existing images in previously edited fields are still there, but I’m unable to add new ones. I’ve tested this across Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on macOS.

I attempted to remove and re-add images in the JSON of the Rich Text Field, but unfortunately, that didn’t resolve the issue.

Any suggestions on what else I can try? :thinking:

   "text_and_image": {
        "type": "StructuredText",
        "config": {
          "label": "Text und Bild",
          "placeholder": "",
          "allowTargetBlank": true,
          "multi": "paragraph,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,heading6,strong,em,hyperlink,list-item,o-list-item,image"

When you're typing in your RTE, hit the forward slash key and type img


That should bring up your media library.

Thank you, that works. Wasn’t there once an image icon in the context menu, or am I mistaken? :thinking:

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