Bug: Image in Rich Text is not saving

Hello. There is a bug with adding images to rich text area. Whenever I add an image to a rich text area and publish the page, the image doesn't save (it gets deleted as it was never there).

Even whenever I add an image, save the article, refresh the page, the image is missing. This is not a problem with other content (for example, text is being saved successfully).

Can you please let me know how to fix it?


Hey @kris, glad to see you join the Forum!

This is an unexpected behaviour. Could you share with me more details about this, if you could add a screen recording of this to better illustrate the issue, it'll be really helpful.

Of if needed, you could share the URL of your repo with me (in a private dm) and tell me the steps to reproduce the issue on my side.


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Hey @paulina.gavilan,

Thanks for the reply.

I was about to film a video yesterday, but as I was filming, it suddenly started working for me. I asked my client to shoot a video if it happens to him again, and he just sent me this.

It seems to only be broken from times to times.

I have also forwarded the URL of the repo in private dm.

Please let me know how I could fix that I will let my client now.



Hi Kris,

I've had a look at the recording, thank you for sending this. What you're experiencing is a known limitation where images cannot be added to lists in the rich text field.

We have discussed this at greater length in the following thread, where it is being tracked as an open feature request. Though we are likely to work on this as we are planning a overhaul of the rich text editor:

The solution for now is to make sure the image isn't added inside the list, but to make sure it's added between list items instead. Even better would be to use slices and model it as so:

    [Rich text]
    [Rich text]