Alt Text Does Not Update Globally?

After building a site with dozens of pages and hundreds of images that needed to have alt text written after pages were built it seems like updating the alt text in the media library does not update images across the site. This requires going back through every page and replacing every asset.

I don't understand why this decision was made because this causes a bunch of different problems:

  1. Updating alt text over time requires checking every page that used that image and re-adding that asset. There is no way to list every use of the image across a site so this requires a ton of manual work to check and double-check the assets are updated correctly.
  2. There is zero indication on the asset page itself that this is the case and it just accepts the updates without indication. Really poor user experience. Ideally there would be a 'publish' changes for an image asset or at least some indication there are uses of an asset that aren't in sync with the version in the media library.

All in all I don't understand how a modern CMS like Prismic could work like this.

Hello @concrete

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for posting this to us.

That's true that changing the alt text in the Media library image setting doesn't apply automatically to Images inside the documents. You need to remove and re-add the images.
I agree that manually checking one by one is a lot of work, but this is the way for the moment.
The best news is that we are redoing our editor, and I'll mark it as a feature request and pass it along to the corresponding team.

I appreciate your suggestion and feedback.