Angular ssr and prismic JavaScript sdk

Hi everyone !

I’m newbie making SPA+CMS headless and I want to know if someone has a problem with the SEO due the problem when I inspect the DOM I can’t see my content rendered from the server side

:space_invader:My temp solution :kissing: :space_invader:
I made a modification To the Js SDK so that it works with the angular life cycle and now the content can be seen rendered from the server

If someone can give me some advice I’m reading :eyes:

Hi @harlengiraldo, thanks for reaching out about this. Unfortunately at the moment Prismic doesn’t have any sort of resources for SEO issues with Angular. I know that for other technologies we can recommend frameworks like Next.js (for react) or Nuxt.js (for vue) that handle server side rendering, but I’m not sure about Angular. Hopefully this is something that we’ll be able to investigate at some point.

I’m glad that you found a fix in the meantime, but I would love to hear more from the community about what others have done about this for Angular.

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