Preview issue with Nuxt.js

Hey guys, I've working on previewing a draft post with Nuxt.js and having issues on it.
I set up preview environment with the link resolver /preview, and It returns 404 though.

I've followed the steps here:

but, I couldn't solve it.

our repository name is here if you need:

Please help us solving the issue.

Hello Kanri,

Welcome to the Prismic forum.

Please check the following things:

  1. You don't need to include a toolbar in your head of the nuxt.config.js file. The @nuxtjs/prismic module handles that for you. If you are including it,
    try removing the script from the head.
  2. Ensuring that your prismic module is configured correctly. Documentation here.
  3. Have you tried clearing your cookies and trying your preview again?

If it still doesn't solve your issue, I will need your project code too. You can send me a personal message though.



Not sure if this helps, but if you are using netlify you may run into some error 404 issues as such (Can't preview newly created documents with static generated websites · Issue #109 · nuxt-community/prismic-module · GitHub)

Otherwise you could check out other threads perhaps too? (Nuxtjs prismic previews for specific pages)

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