Nuxt.js previewing drafts

I'm having trouble getting previews to work only for my draft posts. Published posts work fine.

I'm using @nuxtjs/prismic: ^1.2.4 and deploying to Netlify using yarn generate.

My nuxt.config.js includes the lines:

export default {
  head: {
    script: [
        src: ""

And this is how my previews are set up in Prismic.

Hi @sel,

Thanks for reaching out.

In fact, setting preview in Nuxt normally is pretty straightforward with the help of the Prismic-Nuxt preview module.

For me, if you can preview changes in published documents, then the issue can be related to a missing 404 fallback such as:

You can also check our troubleshooting thread for more information:

And please don't hesitate to reach back to us if you still have further inquires,


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