Unpublished posts cannot be previewd with Nuxt.js

We have a newly launched static Nuxt.js site and preview is working just fine for edits to existing pages.

Then, we are trying to preview a new blog post before making it live (so the post has never published).


  • clicking the preview option from Prismic takes us to the correct url, but it becomes 404 not found.
  • browsing to the 404.html page displays sharable button of prismic.io, but the page is just 404 page. so actual content is not shown.

Is it possible to preview content for an entirely new page on a statically generated Nuxt.js site, or do we have the wrong expectations about that in the first place?

Hello Taisei,

Welcome to the community!

It sounds like either you haven't set the fallback to 404 in your nuxt-config.js file:

or you haven't configured the linkresolver to handle a new custom type. This and other common issues are discussed in your preview troubleshooting document here...


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